LRB Volume 33

Volume 33, 2018  ISSN 0913-3615

Editorial Board
Christopher Gallagher ( Managing Editor), Daniel Brooks, Simon Evans, Kimberley Krassen, Masa Tsuneyasu, 

1. Learner Perceptions of a “Guess and Check” Approach to Vocabulary Learning

Joe Garner & Tricia Allen

 2. Developing Critical Thinking Skills and Attitude: An Analysis of a Reading Course in a University English Program

Kaoru Kiyosawa, Yoko Kobayashi, Yusa Koizumi, & Satomi Yoshimuta

3. Evaluating an Extensive Reading Course

Kimberly Klassen & Tricia Allan


4. Collaborative Colour-coding for Academic Paragraph Writing

Ged O’Connell & Akiko Fukao


5. Decoding Classroom Behaviors with Self Determination Theory

Guy Smith


6. Language-Exchange Meetings: The Second Year of developing ICU Language Tables

Yukako Ueno