LRB Volume 32, 2017

Volume 32, 2017 ISSN 0913-3615

Editorial Board

Tetsuya Fukuda (Editor-in-Chief), Chris Gallagher, Masa Tsuneyasu, and Jennifer Yphantides


1. Implementing a New Senior Thesis Science Writing Course

Daniel Brooks & Matthew Kershaw pp. 1-9

2. Andragogy in the 21st century: Applying the Assumptions of Adult Learning Online

Dan Ferreira & George MacLean pp. 10-19

3. The Growth of e-Learning in Higher Education: Preparing an Agenda for a Professional Development Workshop

Dan Ferreira, Rab Paterson, & Kaori Hakone pp. 20-31

4. Student Perceptions on Pre-writing Processes: Challenges, Helpful Activities, and Noticing Seen Through Reflections

Yukako Hatakeyama pp. 32-44

5. Aboriginal Language Education in British Columbia, Canada: Some issues on endangered language learning

Kaoru Kiyosawa pp. 45-54

6. A Suggestion about English as a Subject in Elementary Schools: Teaching Reading with Picturebooks

Yoko Kobayashi pp. 55-64

7. Implementing a Negotiated Syllabus in the ELA classroom

Alex Oke pp. 65-71

8. Facilitating Faster Feedback in a Google Apps Work Environment

Guy Smith & Ken Enochs pp. 72-81

9. Pronunciation Course Development in the ELA

Nicholas Smith & Masa Tsuneyasu pp. 82-88

10. Exploring Language Tables: From a Voluntary Coordinator's Viewpoint

Yukako Ueno pp. 89-101

11. The Analysis of a Short Study Abroad Program at ICU

Keita Yagi, Tanya L. Erdelyi, & Tetsuya Fukuda pp. 102-109

12. Facilitating Teaching English Through English in Japanese Junior and Senior High Schools Through Applications of the MERRIER Approach

Keita Yagi & Guy Smith pp. 110-119