LRB Volume 35, 2020

Volume 35, 2020 ISSN 0913-3615


Kimberly Klassen (editor-in-chief), Takeshi Ishikawa

Reviewers: Peter Brereton, Emily Cousins, Nick Kasparek, Matthew Kershaw, Jamie Lesley, Masuko Miyahara, Guy Smith


1. Emergency Remote Training: Guiding and Supporting Teachers in Preparation for Emergency Remote Teaching

Peter Brereton, pp. 1 - 13

2. Self-reflexivity and the Labor of Translation: Insights for Comparative Rhetoric

Emily Yuko Cousins pp. 14 - 20

3. Curriculum Alignment of Thinking Skills Using Bloom's Taxonomy

Susan Edwards and Simon Evans pp. 21 - 32

4. Report on the ELA Writing Courses for Graduate School Students (2015 - 2020): The Past, Present, and Directions for the Future

Matthew Kershaw and Masuko Miyahara pp. 33 - 40

5. An Effect of Setting Target Vocabulary to Learn in the Academic Reading and Writing Classroom

Kimberly Klassen pp. 41 - 49

6. Reflections on Designing and Using an Instructional Rubric in Support of an Academic Debate Course

Jamie Lesley pp. 50 - 63

7. 韓国語感謝場面における応答ストラテジー -釜山地域の大学生を中心に-

How Korean College Students Respond When Receiving Gratitude: Linguistic Strategies for Expressing Gratitude in a Korean Speech Community

Ohe, Hye-Gyeong and Kim, Myeong-Hee pp. 64 - 74

8. Exploring Debiasing Strategies to Improve Small Group Reasoning and Decision Making Outcomes

John Peloghitis and Guy Smith pp. 75 - 83

9. Exploratory Investigation into Successful and Less Successful Learners of English with Interviews

Keita Yagi and Tetsuya Fukuda pp. 84 - 94