LRB Volume 22

Volume 22, 2007

Editorial Board Members: Ken Enochs, Chris Gallagher, Takashi Ogawa, Tim Riney, Jim Tollefson

Reviewers: Jean-Pierre Besiat, Mark Christianson, Susan Edwards, Ken Enochs, Chris Gallagher, Takashi Ogawa, Tim Riney, Yoko Suzuki


1. ロシアにおける岩倉使節団と「米欧回覧実記」 --書かれなかった皇帝晩餐会--

[The Iwakura Embassy in Russia: Beio Kairan Jikki and the Unmentioned Imperial Dinner]

Tomoko Bannai

2. Chaos, Complexity and Language Learning

Bill Harshbarger

3. Focused Listening: Development of a Balanced Listening Curriculum in EAP

Christopher Hoskins, Yuki Sasaki, and Ingrid Johnson

4. Extreme Makeover: Digital Immigrant Goes Native

Owen James

5. "As the Book Says" and Similar Expressions in Middle English Alliterative Verse

Yasuyo Moriya

6. Paraphrasing: An Essential Tool for EAP

Setsuko Oda and Yukako Yamamoto

7. Teacher Development or Training?: Recent Developments in Second / Foreign Language Teacher Education

Kota Ohata

8. コース・デザインにおける「時間的余裕」と「他者」の意義 --ある上級日本語学習者へのインタビュー・データから--

[Importance of "time" and "others" when Designing a Course: Findings from an Interview with an Advanced Learner of Japanese]

Ikumi Ozawa

9. Conception théorique pour une modélisation de l'enseignement-apprentissage d'une langue étrangère

[Theoretical Design for Modeling the Teaching-learning of a Foreign Language]

Michel Sagaz

10. Scholarship and Activism on Language

James Tollefson

11. The 2007 Mitaka Primary School Eigo Katsudo Teacher Training Seminar

Izumi Watanabe-Kim and Mark Christianson