LRB Volume 23

Volume 23, 2008

Editorial Board Members: Chris Gallagher, Sandra Gillespie, Atsuko Tsuda

Reviewers: Mark Christianson, Chris Gallagher, Sandra Gillespie, Bill Harshbarger, Owen James, Iain Lambert, Tim Riney, Hiroshi Takahashi, Jim Tollefson, Atsuko Tsuda


1. Chinese, French, German, Korean, Russian, and Spanish Enrollments (1990 - 2007): Language, Year, Re-enrollments, and Academic Field

Jean-Pierre Bésiat and Timothy J. Riney

2. Designing a Program-Wide Self-Assessment System for Academic Speaking: Preliminary Results and Issues

Mark Christianson and Christopher Hoskins

3. Training Learners to Negotiate for Meaning: An Exploratory Case Study

Akiko Fujii, Motoko Obata, Sayo Takahashi and Sayaka Tanabe

4. The Open Learning Network: A New Teacher-sourced Work Paradigm

Owen James

5. Assessing Oral Communication: Poster Presentations

Iain Lambert

6. Allaying Fear:An essay on the value of not finishing a piece of writing

Miguel Sosa

7. A "Goffmanian" Blending Analysis of the Pronoun We in ESL Classroom Instruction

Hiroshi Takahashi

8. "Talking Race" in University Classes: A Discourse Analytical Approach

James W. Tollefson and Mai Yamagami

9. ドイツ文学のはじまり―聖と俗を超えて

[The Beginning of German Literature: Beyond the Holy and the Worldly]

Naoko Yanai