LRB Volume 24

Volume 24, 2009

Editorial Board Members: Ken Enochs, Atsuko Tsuda, Paul Wadden


1. Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Video-recording Based Self-assessment System for Academic Speaking

Mark Christianson, Christopher Hoskins, and Atsuko Watanabe

2. Voices of the Unheard

Steve Engler, Kumi Iwasaki, and Masuko Miyahara

3. The Problematic Panacea: Conflict in an Autonomous Learning Environment

Chris Hale

4. Towards Better Teaching of Theme Writing: Suggestions Drawn from the Student Survey and the Student's Words of Advice

Yukako Hatakeyama

5. Modality in L2 Legal Writing: A Functional Analysis

Hiroshi Takahashi

6. The Number of English-medium Courses at ICU from 2000 to 2007

Yukako Ueno and Tim Riney